I took my first shot of T 2 days ago. i don’t see the physical appereance (no shit) but i do feel the emotions changing. im more up front, more heated, more focused and going. It’s a hard emotion to adjust to; but its okay. Ill get used to it.

Most guys usually want a girlfriend to go through all of this stuff with. me? nah. I just need good friends and myself tbh. Dont get me wrong, i want love just not right now. Im so focused on myself right now. Taking T and taking my art somewhere and all u kno? maybe a lot of people wont understand and thats okay. but i understand what i need/want. thats all that matters. youtuve video up soon.

once i get my new schedule, i get to finally focus more on my photographs and get to spend all my day just shooting and hanging out yet still getting paid the same at work. idk man…it feels perfect. 

i know what’s missing. i know what it is. 

I can’t believe i’ll be starting T (hormones) within a week(s). New beginning i guess

so much to do and I don’t even know where to begin